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Upcoming Lectures

Apr. 15th, 2008 | 10:12 pm

ok, time for some news:

together with ulli lust i'll be lecturing away with utter disregard for any audience that might be getting in our way:

on saturday, april 19th 2008, 19h
at the kunsthaus dresden
rähnitzgasse 8
01097 dresden

in an event tied in with their comics exhibition "kopfkino"

the lecture will be in german, the best language in the world.
while the next one will be held in the most language in the world, which is, of course, english:

small press expo

saturday, april 26th, at 3:30 pm
kulturhuset stockholm
sergels torg
10327 stockholm

serieteket, the library for comics and graphic literature in the kulturhuset stockholm is holding the small press comics festival spx for the tenth time this year. serieteket is headed by kristiina kolehmainen, who kindly invited us to the festival.

among the many other guests are edmond baudoin, stan sakai, top shelf publisher chris staros, japanese art group NouNouHau, german manga scholar jacqueline berndt (teaching at yokohama university), or knut larsson and amanda vähämäki, who both have published with electrocomics.

me and ulli lust will be in stockholm from april 24th till 29th (the spx festival ends on the 27th, but we will be held in stockholm for two more days for reasons yet unknown. we already are intrigued and a little frightened!).

and here's the info blurb for the lecture:

Electrocomics.com: digital picture writings
Electrocomics, based in Germany, has established itself as the arguably most consequential web publishing house for graphic literature in e-book format, and made its name notably amongst creators. Thus, Electrocomics soon became the web publisher of choice for important protagonists of the comics avantgarde from Italy, France, Hongkong or Finland to make e-book versions of existing, as well as new graphic novels.
Ulli Lust, comic artist and founder of Electrocomics, will speak about strategies and formal approach, as well as future projects of her publishing house, and present an array of its e-comics, which span from the autobiographic, through the autofictional and reportage to the channeling of kinky medieval beastmen.
Kai Pfeiffer, author, comic artist and editor of the anthology series "Plaque" and "flitter" (both: avant-verlag), takes us in the second part of the lecture on a commented walk through his "pictures for readers", paying visits to his documentary comics, drawn essays, ficitional stories and graphic realms resisting definition – not without, in passing, shedding some flickering light on a few fellow picture writers.

UPDATE: the kunsthaus dresden exhibition was really nice, and our lecture sufficiently less than embarrassing, but instead of going to stockholm, i prefered staying home with my friend, the novo virus, while ulli lust performed our lecture alone, which means the quality of the delivery might have easily doubled. and that lecture keeps on touring: next, comic-salon erlangen, may 25th, 11 am.

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Sep. 18th, 2007 | 04:13 pm

finally, after almost a year of fine tuning, macro fiddling and late night whirlpool sessions with stanley lieber's attorneys, here it is, organized by dzima and silenceinspades

Labile Styrene - Not Really A Stanley Lieber Remix Album

i'd like to add here a little graphic extravaganca i had done to go with my tracks for the compilation, and a short information text:

egobone plays stanley lieber: nostalgia for mud

nostalgia for mud pt. 1 (happymushmush)
nostalgia for mud pt. 2 (shaking off the crumbs)

written & performed by kai pfeiffer after stanley lieber
recorded nov. 12, 2006 in berlin

i, personally am not too fond of that whole concept of "remixing" - or, more precisely: i do like the concept, just the results of most remixing efforts i came across to date seemed of doubtful value to me. i prefer the concept of "interpretation". so, i set off to play a cover version of stanley liebers piece "nostalgia for mud". only, in the process of working, adding and removing layers to my interpretation, i ended up with two new companion pieces to stanleys composition, parts one and two after his part zero: the origin.

to download these tracks, please go to the link at the top of this entry, leading you to the complete stanley lieber remix album. by chance (?), some notable contradictions to my prejudice against remixes in general are to be found on this very album.

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Jun. 22nd, 2007 | 08:41 pm
music: henry flynt: "i don't wanna", von sudenfed: "tromatic reflexxions"

gif animated sketchbook sequences behind the cut

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Apr. 17th, 2007 | 06:13 pm
music: sun city girls: "grotto of miracles", les rallizes dénudés: "mizutani"

here's a little account of some more recent activities:

my comic book "urban elphes" got printed in a special 11-pages remixed version in #14 of "nosotros somos los muertos", the spanish comics magazine edited by max. looks very fine in there, next to quite promissing works by newcomers like jim woodring, chris ware, dave cooper, or nicolas mahler. sadly, this great magazine will fold after its final, 15th issue, which should be out now. at least i managed to sneak a page into that one as well.

french fashion & culture magazine "standard" reprinted drawings from my flash projection "halle-neustadt" in #15, and i'm going to do a page for their upcoming issue.

together with benjamin aman (a.k.a. "lucy huck") i have a new duo called "flechsig". in march we recorded our first album, soon to be published, most likely on benjamin's label, razzle-dazzle.
more on upcoming book projects soon (one of which even already has a release date!)

some photos from the group event "synaesthetisches konzil 1.1", at gallery "parterre" in berlin-pankow (exhibition & musical performances, already a while back, on february 24th):

the postcard i made for the show

first public performance of the "rudolf steiner olde time jazz trio"

rudolf steiner olde time jazz trio, left to right: henning stahnke, kai pfeiffer, dylan pierce.

the contemplative crowd – hey, i thought we rocked?!

marc groeszer, artist and organizer of the event. in the background: dylan's daughter.

ulli lust and paz boira

two views from my contribution to the group show, a "medley" entitled "meine schoensten melodien" ("my most beautiful tunes"):

and i was lucky i attended the first berlin concert by the mighty sun city girls on january 25th – which, sadly, was also their last, the group being discontinued after the passing away of drummer charles gocher on february 19th, 2007.
here's a little movie clip i took at the concert. appropriately, charles gocher already had vanished from view, as only his drumsticks appear in the movie ...

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Dec. 12th, 2006 | 01:49 am
music: carla bozulich: evangelista

some pedestrian pencils fell into my tuschkasten. see more under the cut.

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