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egobone: »nullthreat«

recorded 2004 in berlin

polybone records, 2006

(this track was made from elements of some music i did for an audiovisual piece by a trio called "angstrom": in that, i did the music, while two other guys would mix and manipulate videoclips in real time - vjing, so to say. one was a sort of "video activist" & vj, the other an avant-comics artist, making clips from his drawings. we played two concerts and recorded the aforementioned li'l movie piece. but the energy of my dear colleagues petered out before we got any good - we had some interresting moments which could maybe be called "promising", but anyway, since i fell out severely with my fellow draughtsman a while ago, for all things audiovisual i rely on myself now, which i did before, and which plays to my "control freak" urges. the interaction, while not always pleasing me in the results, was a worthwhile experience in itself, though ...
i called the track "nullthreat" because the "movie" was called "threat", and now the trio's state is "null" - and, i don't think it sounds really threatening in its new version, so that's "null", too.
it is a bit dark, though. that bothers me slightly for my first official release, being currently more into the bright, light sides of existence - but my mind changes directions every 22 minutes, and this track is by no means representative, anyway ... i guess nothing is ...)
Tags: egobone, egobone single tracks, music
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