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EGOBONE: me and greybird watch the swimming land

EGOBONE: »me and greybird watch the swimming land«

be warned: this humble little musical piecette weighs 43.6 mb and plays for 47:40 minutes.

recorded and mixed in berlin, most likely somtime near the end of the year 2004.

published by polybone records 2006

the working title of this track was "MonsterDrone", presumably referring to it's shameless length. but the track feels, i think, not really monstruous. it is quite dense, though. but monstruous drone music would be phill niblocks thick, bombastic sonic blocks, or charlemagne palestines physically exhausting solo piano workouts. or lamonte youngs really long pieces.
originally, the track was about 65 minutes, but the first 18 minutes luckily could get cut to get rid of some annoying parts. i let this thing lay in a shady corner for quite a while. when i finally listened to it again, i was surprised that it didn't bore me to hear it through several times. which probably isn't a strength of the track, but a weakness of my mind. do i suddenly have such a long attention span, or is it early dementia?
Tags: egobone, egobone single tracks, mp3, music
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