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flash movie - 4,5 mb

drawn, recorded, mixed, programmed by kai pfeiffer
in halle-neustadt, september 2005

this file is suggested for download (right mouse click, save target as ...).
open the file (you need the flash player), set view on 100% first, then on "full screen".
the soundtrack is, like all decent sonic works, not to be listened to on the built-in speakers of some notebook. nothing should be listened through them, really.

in 2005, i was invited by bauhaus-dessau to teach together with ulli lust at their summer academy , held in halle-neustadt, and stay as artists in residence for three weeks.
halle-neustadt was the biggest satellite town of the gdr, consisting entirely of plattenbauten, built mainly for the chemical workers of the buna-leuna werke. until 1989, it was considered very attractive to live in halle-neustadt, because of the "modern comfort" of the plattenbauten. in fact, it was an honour to get an apartment there, which is hard to believe now, but back then was granted foremost to comrads which passed as true believers of the system. accordingly, the "stasi" (= staatssicherheitsdienst), the secret service of the gdr was strongly present, and didn't have any trouble finding enough informers: ca. 10% of halle-neustadts population was feeding the stasi with informations about their collegues, friends, relatives ... which the stasi amassed to grotesque piles of files.
today, the picture changed somewhat. living there is not exactly an honour any more. halle-neustadt was built for 100 000 habitants, now there are only ca. 50 000 left. most of those who stay, are elderly people, and most of those few who move there, are those who have no other choice, many of them unemployed citizens of another part of halle, which will get raided.
halle-neustadt, too, is becoming smaller. as the number of habitants crumbles, more and more plattenbauten vanish. maybe, one day halle-neustadt will be the swamp again, which it was before. all the so far 40 years of its existence, the water had to bee pumped away from halle-neustadts grounds continously.
Tags: audiovisuals, bauhaus-dessau, flash movie, halle-neustadt
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