Kai Pfeiffer (kaipfeiffer) wrote,
Kai Pfeiffer


egobone: shadel ep

01 left out let be
02 dimm under
03 hushing curtainers
04 thinking at smallsite
05 slomo woolshake
06 stoikrêverieee

total running time: 13:33, format: mp3, 192 kBit/s
recorded & mixed by kai pfeiffer 23.10.2006 in berlin
published by polybone records

well, ok ... since i fancy myself amassing tracks for a growing list of "LPs", "EPs" or "Mini Albums", with each of them missing a last little track here, a slight remixing there, a cover, or even simply a decent track title that refuses to hop into my mind ... so, here's the latest thing i recorded, yesterday evening, and mixed it right away, so it doesn't fall into this loop outside the time continuum, like my other recordings apparently did.

my girlfriend hates these tracks, mostly because of the slow, hesitating, dreamy plucking (some blisters on my right hand's fingers, due to overplaying the day before, obviously had some influence on the esthetical decisions for these tracks). "at least you don't fuck that way", was her most positive comment.
Tags: egobone, mp3, music, polybone records
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