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egobone: études hyperboliques 1-23

étude 1
étude 2
étude 3
étude 4
étude 5
étude 6
étude 7
étude 8
étude 9
étude 10
étude 11
étude 12
étude 13
étude 14
étude 15
étude 16
étude 17
étude 18
étude 19
étude 20
étude 21

total playing time: 51:25 format: mp3, 192 kBit/s
recorded & mixed by k. pfeiffer in berlin, october 2001 - february 2002
published by polybone records

cleaning the vault: here are my "early recordings". there's quite a bunch of stuff i recorded before, but these are the earliest i decided "worth" publishing.
since those are indeed "études", i present them here without too much polishing, warts and all: i even left in the beep from the minidisc recorder at the end of two or three tracks. the digital production was entirely done with "sound edit", a nice little programm, which unfortunately didn't get updated for os x.
(i doubt my girlfriend listened consciously to these pieces - so, no quote from the lady this time).
Tags: egobone, mp3, music, polybone records
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