September 18th, 2007

Green Smoke


finally, after almost a year of fine tuning, macro fiddling and late night whirlpool sessions with stanley lieber's attorneys, here it is, organized by dzima and silenceinspades

Labile Styrene - Not Really A Stanley Lieber Remix Album

i'd like to add here a little graphic extravaganca i had done to go with my tracks for the compilation, and a short information text:

egobone plays stanley lieber: nostalgia for mud

nostalgia for mud pt. 1 (happymushmush)
nostalgia for mud pt. 2 (shaking off the crumbs)

written & performed by kai pfeiffer after stanley lieber
recorded nov. 12, 2006 in berlin

i, personally am not too fond of that whole concept of "remixing" - or, more precisely: i do like the concept, just the results of most remixing efforts i came across to date seemed of doubtful value to me. i prefer the concept of "interpretation". so, i set off to play a cover version of stanley liebers piece "nostalgia for mud". only, in the process of working, adding and removing layers to my interpretation, i ended up with two new companion pieces to stanleys composition, parts one and two after his part zero: the origin.

to download these tracks, please go to the link at the top of this entry, leading you to the complete stanley lieber remix album. by chance (?), some notable contradictions to my prejudice against remixes in general are to be found on this very album.