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so, in 2004 i got invited as "artist in residence" by museumsquartier wien for one month.
i decided to continue my little vienna project i had started to "research" quite some while before. the utter original task consisted in sitting around in a variety of kaffeehäuser - or, "coffee houses", or, as the french made us all call them, "cafés".
now, isn't that exactly what the viennese people are doing all the time anyway? well, almost: at given times, they will head to a "beisel" for some "schnitzel". the austrian cuisine knows a quite nice variety of meals, but the only one eaten in vienna by its citizens is in fact schnitzel.
indeed, the basic feeling you'll get in vienna is consistency. in vienna, nothing is allowed to change or even move, that could distract too much from the preservation of the grand old times of "k.u.k."
so, the aim is to be mummified, and the viennese try to achieve this state by doing everything really slow, while considering before at length, if it might be even worth to do whatever it is at all.
i, myself perfectly prussian in appearance and residence, consider myself nonetheless entitled to spread all these lazy clichés, just because my love happens to be austrian, and she assured me that they are true - sadly, she thinks, but i say "why, how cute and exotic this sweet melancholia is!", being just as imperialistic and patronizing a german as the austrians think we all are.
the "vienna state of existence" has been considered in much subtler a way in the text animation of the previous post, but only in german.
more to follow.

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two test pages i did for a try on some characters for a longer comics story (= »graphic novel«, which is an ok word, but i still can't write it without quotation marks). if it's going, then it's going to be sort of a slightly surreal, but at its core very casual soap opera - and it will very likely not look too much like these drawings ...

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